Drupal Hosting

Drupal Web Hosting

Drupal is a popular open source content management platform. You can use Drupal to build anything from a blog about your pets to enterprise business applications - It's even the content management system of choice for Backed by a diverse and thriving community, Drupal is the number one choice for content management systems amongst many industry professionals.

Drupal Optimized Hosting

InnoHosting hosts thousands of Drupal based web sites and that is mainly due to ensuring our servers are optimized and configured to run Drupal efficiently. Every aspect of our servers has been optimized and tailored for content management systems such as Drupal. As Drupal heavily relies on a reliable & robust database system - it's vital high end servers that are not only efficient, but also reliable & resilient. Nginx web server ensures web pages are loaded quickly with a considerably lower processing over head than your typical web server. A highly optimized MySQL database system coupled with high speed hard disks in a RAID10 configuration not only give you redundancy, but also allows for higher IO usage which is crucial for any database based application such as Drupal.

Secure Drupal Hosting

The threat against malicious online users is becoming increasingly popular especially against content management systems. InnoHosting activeGuard is included as standard with all of our web hosting packages.

InnoHosting activeGuard defends and protects your Drupal by utilizing real-time user behavior analysis and early threat detection systems to give your Drupal application a strong front-line defense system.

Our dual backup systems also make sure that your applications, database and other important data are backed up every day and our hardware based RAID10 configuration ensures in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure, your applications carry on working without a single second of downtime.

Rapid Drupal Deployment

Our web hosting packages allow you to install Drupal (along with over 100 other scripts) with just a couple of clicks.

Databases will be created automatically, configuration files will be modified and created on-the-fly and no uploading of any files is necessary.

Better yet, when a new Drupal update is released, it only takes a couple of clicks to fully update it to the latest version without hassle or any technical knowledge.

Drupal Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

InnoHosting offers different plans that are all suitable for hosting Drupal. Below is quick guidance on the type of plan which is most appropriate for you. However if you are unsure of which plan to choose or have custom requirements, please get in touch with us today so and we'll discuss your requirements and offer a suitable solution that will meet your needs.

If you are wanting to host a single or few low to moderate usage Drupal websites, our Web Hosting Packages will be perfect your needs.

If you are wanting to host many Drupal instances, either for yourself or for your clients and need each instance to be in its own isolated control panel, our Reseller (multi domain) Hosting solutions are ideal for this purpose.

For the more demanding Drupal websites that expect a lot of traffic and require dedicated resources, our Virtual Servers or Dedicated Server provide the power & resources you need.

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  • I've only been with them for a couple of months and it just blows my mind how much these guys do to give us a great hosting experience. I've been with a number of different hosts over the years, some more expensive, some less. These guys blow away any other host I've ever had. Fast servers, excellent top notch customer service.
  • From all of the research I did before moving, through the whole signing up process to my first experiences, it is very gratifying that I find Inno's excellent reputation in the industry and my confidence in that to have been well founded in practice.
  • I know you say you look forward to us small fry one day being competitors but with the support and goodness-to-honest service that you guys provide (and are given so much respect for) I wish you all the best and the growth that you truly deserve.